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Kegan Minock

Kegan Minock Sugarhouse Holds Shaper@keganminock

Kegan Minock began shaping holds in 2014 as part of his natural progression of climber to routesetter. Since then, he has produced hundreds of climbing holds, some of which you've likely pulled on yourself in your hometown gym. Now, Kegan is the head shaper at Sugarhouse Holds, in which he is responsible for creating new designs to mold into holds. 

Kegan FAQs 

What drew you to routesetting?
No matter how hard you climb, it always feels really cool to do something like a drop knee or rose move. Whether someone is a V3 or V9 climber, I wanted to provide that for everyone. 
What led you to start shaping holds?
It was domino effect. First, I was a climber. Then I created the things to climb on by setting. After a while, I thought it'd be cool to design the holds that I could set with and then climb on. 
Like routesetting, do you ever watch people interact with your holds differently than you intended?
I always see it happening. Shapers intend the holds to be used a certain way, then the setter uses them in a different way, then the climber uses them differently, too! 
But that's what I love about climbing - there is no right way of doing it and there is more than one right answer. 
You've worked for many other hold companies and have now started shaping for Sugarhouse. Why?

I like the idea of trying to bring the outdoor experience inside, which is what Sugarhouse is doing, so it seemed like the perfect fit! 

Ben Hanna

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