Vertical Solutions 

Dustin Buckthal, owner of The Front Climbing Club, and John Stack, ex-professional climber, founded Vertical Solutions in 2007. Since then, they've built hundreds of climbing gyms around North America, ranging from New York City to California and British Columbia.

And they're always striving to run the most well-rounded company possible, which is why Sugarhouse, Habit and Proxy were created under the Vertical Solutions umbrella. Now, those who work with VS can seamlessly stock everything in their gym with one stop. 


Habit Climbing

Working in tandem with Proxy Productions, Habit Climbing's focus is climbing hold distribution. Habit currently partners with 12 hold brands in an effort to circulate a more diverse selection of holds throughout the industry. Capital, Blue Pill, Menagerie, Blocz, Sugarhouse Holds and Formula, among others, all work with Habit. 

This makes it easier for climbing gym owners and routesetters to get the products they need in one place, and it casts a wider net for shapers to sell their holds in ways they may not have before. 


Proxy Productions 

Proxy constantly strives to create the highest quality climbing hold on the market. Working with Habit and shapers, Proxy is able to produce a myriad of climbing holds, giving the manufacturer valuable exposure to a wide array of shapes and styles.

And Proxy takes its job seriously. It recently transitioned into a larger facility and invested in new machines and processes.